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The Best Jeans for NYC


The Best Jeans for NYC

Everyone owns the perfect pair of jeans they love to wear. But what do you do if they get ripped? Inevitably they run ragged and you're left to kindle a new relationship with a starchy pair of denim that seems to be so different from what you've grown accustom.

In NYC jeans are a mainstay because jeans are the new business casual. Unless you're in finance or medical... I'm a product manager and I wear jeans to work nearly every day. Some jeans appear more appropriate than others, though. If you're looking for a replacement, fill-in, or your wardrobe is in a high-growth phase I'm sure I can help!

Here are some selvedge, fashion, and custom denim companies I have grown to like living in NYC.


Just in time ordering, up-to-date men's high quality fashion, and no overheard from the middleman make this company stand out. In fact, their selvedge will probably save you 100-200% if you ordered a similar thing elsewhere — online or brick and mortar.

Dish & DUER via Kickstarter

Dish and Duer are actually two companies that recently began to separate their branding. Dish is for women. Duer is for men and women and more of an active lifestyle brand.

Originally funded these on a Kickstarter campaign. They are based in Vancouver, BC. Dish & DUER have their own proprietary blend of denim called L2X™. This L2X™ Performance Denim is 30% lighter and stronger than regular denim with 5x the stretch. This custom fabric blend infuses premium denim with Spandex for stretch, COOLMAX® for moisture management, and a Silvadur™ treatment for odor-neutralization. You can literally go rock climbing in these, run for the train you're about to miss, or commute to work comfortably. These are the most impressive jeans I own. Absolutely my first choice for comfort, quality, overall construction.

FYI: Ever get the hole in the crotch of your favorite jeans? Not with Duer. They have a gusset sewn in so that they can take more stress.

While these are a bit more expensive than the average pair of jeans, they will last you a very long time. And they will come with you everywhere you go.

I've purchased a few pairs of various jeans from Duer made of the L2X material like the Performance Denim Slim - Rinse ($129) and the Performance Denim Slim - Black ($129). My wife has the Denim Skinny - Rinse ($129). And I particularly enjoy the 12" Commuter Short ($76) in the summer and traveling abroad!

Frank & Oak

I'm a fan of men's fashion and have been a brand rep for Frank & Oak since 2013. Originally a men's clothing company, Frank & Oak now offers men's and women's lines. The company usually offers two types of clothing: classic fashion and edgy fashion.

For me, I'm usually going with classic looks; I'm not the type to go with a new cut of shirt just because it's trendy. And the same goes with jeans. Over the last few years, however, we've seen some big changes in the jean world — at least for men. Jeans didn't used to be stretchy and while I'm not personally going to be found wearing skinny jeans, slim jeans that conform to the leg just enough to not be baggy, are a big component of my wardrobe.

The Dylan ($59.80) is Frank & Oak's answer to jean athleisure. These are not to be confused with the R by RPM or LX2 Dish & DUER that are made for sweat and performance but The Dylan does offer a fashionable alternative for those nights out. The color of the jeans has lasted for dozens of washes of the last four years. As far as non-selvedge jeans goes, these are a clear favorite. I wear the Dylan to go out on date nights with my wife, at business casual events, and even on flights as they are super comfortable! Recommended wearing.

RPMWEST via Kickstarter

NOTE: RPMWEST recently closed it's virtual doors and the items below are no longer available. :/

Originally purchased the stretch jeans "R by RPM" on Kickstarter. They were truly the world's most comfortable jeans. They were great and I wore them a lot. Unfortunately for me, I lent them to a brother who came to visit and haven't seen them since. I hear they get a lot of wear, though. Sadly, these jeans haven't been on RPMWEST's shop for years. R.I.P. "R by RPM."

You didn't ask but I absolutely adore the Premium Comfort Tees they make, too. It's a tech shirt I can wear everyday. And I definitely have bought a few. I own the charcoal and black crews. Buy now and in excess.

Looking for the best selvedge out there and knowing that I loved R by RPM, I tried out a couple pairs of selvedge from RPMWEST. Their Japanese Selvedge Jeans are high quality but more for the Classic, or their New Classic, fit in jean sizing. READ: These are baggy by modern men's fashion trends, although, not "baggy jeans." The quality of the material is really high: Japanese raw selvedge denim (13oz). Not too shabby. From time to time they also offer interesting IDs which is the special thread all the hipsters are showing off by cuffing their jeans. I bought a skyblue ID pair in Classic for one brother and red ID for myself. I've seen double red IDs and the point I'm trying to drive home is that RPMWEST is interested in giving you unique, premium quality Japanese selvedge at the best price point I've ever seen online.  You will regularly find things on sale for $69-115 on their site.

Another selling point for RPMWEST is that they will do custom hemming for $15. Which saves you a lot of time and effort as long as yo know the right measurements! I botched the sand had a pair sized too short by mistake. It was not their fault. :/

Black Selvedge in The New Classic ($135) is RPM's take on the jean standard of measuring. At first I thought I was not a fan of this cut. They are too baggy; I don't even like them in the summer. Turns out that my issues might be unique to this pair as I ordered another set of New Classics in Classic Indigo and was quite impressed. Anyway, I'm sure some people like these in black because they are sold out.

Classic Indigo Selvedge in The New Classic ($69) is great for the dog days of summer when I'm not looking for my selvedge jeans to permanently stick to my skin because they are thick and too tight. The are a good jean for the cold too. In fact, I only wear these with my Sperry's in the summer or rocking my Roughlands (Brooklyn Boot Company) in fall/winter. 

The Winners?

For going out, I highly recommend the Dylan by Frank & Oak for comfort and many Gustin selvedge pairs for that classic, durable selvedge jean look.

For casual wear or athletic endeavors like hiking, chopping wood, rock climbing, camping, pickup games, ect... I highly recommend the L2X by Dish & DUER. 


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