Source: NY Times

In light of President Donald Trump's ruling on Cuba, many people are wondering what's going on with Cuba. This is apparently the sort of thing that drives my creative passions because here I am blogging. 

I'm a US citizen, can I still go to Cuba under Trump's new directive?

YES. And bring your friends. Everything President Obama disassembled from the Cold War era's Cuban embargo is still true. The American embrace of Cuba: it's people, beaches, architecture, rum, and cigars are all alive and well.

Here's a run down of what's going on with the new 2017 Trump directive:

  1. The embassies in Washington and Havana will not close. 
  2. Travel from the US to Cuba and vice versa will continue.
  3. Cuban-Americans still can travel between the US and Cuba and even send money to relatives.
  4. The rules that make it easier for American companies to do business in Cuba remain unchanged.
  5. The only change: no money is allowed to go to any establishment that funds the Cuban military. This means every hotel, restaurant, activity, including getting on the limited wifi is technically illegal. 
America has rejected the Cuban people’s oppressors... They are rejected, officially, today.
— President Trump

President Trump is symbolically saying the US wants nothing to do with Cuba. Isolating and separating from Cuba during the Cold War may have been a necessary course of action. However, the sitting President seems to have mixed up President Kennedy's missile crisis with his own personal presidential crisis. 

The President's rejection of the Cuban people is a social injustice to a people who are in significant poverty. They suffer from a lack of food. They are literally living in the past. Our country's decision to perpetuate negative vibes to an entire group of people based on nothing is sickening.

Basically, this blog is a PSA: NEVER DRUMPF.

In all seriousness, if you want to protest President Trump, go to Cuba. And spend lots of money there so get a few more angry covfefe tweets from our country's worst president.

Viva la revolucion!